Learn About Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is a condition where inflammation occurs between the joints. This may occur in the hands, feet or other body joints, such as knees. Scientists have come up with a number of causes for this occurrence, the first being genetic associations. Another reason could be cracking knuckles.

Psoriatic arthritis develops in people with the chronic skin condition called psoriasis. It is vital to know about psoriatic arthritis symptoms for a healthy future. This disease may develop slowly with minor symptoms or aggressively. The key to saving yourself is early treatment and that can only be achieved by having extensive know how on psoriatic arthritis symptoms.

The first thing which happens to the body is fatigue. A lethargic feeling followed by quick exhaustion is not uncommon. Even if one receives sufficient sleep or rest the feeling of enervation does not leave the body. Gradually swelling appears on the ligaments and a feeling of pain arises. The swelling spreads over fingers, toes and other joints of the body.

Other psoriatic arthritis symptoms may include toughness and throbbing in the joints. All the symptoms combined such as soreness, fatigue and pain there is a decreased limit in movement. That means that such feelings in the joints disable effective motion. Small efforts such as bending to pick up stuff, stretching to pick up the TV remote or getting up to switch on the light seem like heavy tasks.

As the condition develops the joints become pinker and feel heated when touched. The places where pain is common is the lower back and in and surrounding the ankles. Due to this sleep may not be induced easily and comfortably.

By this stage the inflammation of fingers becomes severe and swelling increases to an almost sausage shape and size. If disease exists in the feet then walking can be a big problem and climbing the stairs may be extremely painful.

If you notice rough patches on the skin or if it becomes rather scaly then aggressive psoriatic arthritis symptoms are kicking in. the surface of the skin feels as if it is almost dried up. The skin most affected is around the scalp.

Conjunctivitis is the swelling of the eye around the eye-lids. Symptoms may include an almost conjunctivitis like condition as the eyes can become red and pain is stimulated in the eye lids.

Lastly, one of the major psoriatic arthritis symptoms is the nail changes. The nail may be completely disconnected from the nail bed. The nails may be pitted or an irregular thickening may take place almost like a fungus infection.

Not looking into psoriatic arthritis symptoms at the beginning is a bad idea as prolonged swelling can cause permanent damage. The quicker it is treated the more there are chances of getting rid of it for good. More than eighty percent of the people with skin disease may develop joint disease. Always be sure to share pains, soreness or rashes of the skin with a doctor. Its better being safe, than being sorry!

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