Keep Your Body In Tone By Working Out Like A Kid

If you’re finding it hard to stick to your fitness regimen and have got bored of it then you should better start rediscovering those great games of kids which can be used as some of the best workouts for women. They can certainly help you to keep your body in tone. Some of these are discussed below.

Get Up There

Scrambling up the walls and hanging from the ropes can be so much of fun, particularly with somebody else doing your belaying. You can do these workouts for women both inside and outside. Another great way of adding to your upper-body’s strength as well as endurance is rock climbing. When you are pulling up using your shoulders and arms, you are also pushing yourself off with the feet and with the help of your legs, abs and the butt muscles. What’s more special about it is that a session spanning one hour will burn around 700 calories.

Start Hula Hooping

It’s another kids’ favorite in the playground but it needs some investment. While you do hula inside your home, you would be self-satisfied by knowing that when it comes to calorie burn and heart rate, hooping is comparable to group classes like step aerobics, cardio kickboxing, and boot camp. Also a study revealed that hooping can enhance balance and flexibility as it tones and strengthens your abdomen, back, arm and the leg muscles. Furthermore, as hooping is rhythmic in nature so it means that hooping can have meditative effect as well.

Jumping Can Do It

You can take a skipping rope, which is one of most inexpensive but portable equipments for gym workouts, and revive your school memories of pounding around the playground.

The best thing about it is that such workouts for women can keep the heart rate at best level if you keep doing them throughout the day in rounds of 5-10 minutes according to the level of your fitness. Furthermore, it also engages one’s arms, legs, and core and can also be a source of improving bone density, balance and coordination.

Though jumping may not be too difficult, but your take-off as well as landing should be precise in order to make sure that you don’t end up damaging your ankles and knees. The body’s natural shock-absorbers should be used by keeping yourself on toes and bending the knees slightly. The rope should be held at your hip height and make sure that your palms are in the direction of the body and the elbows are facing in.

Get Wiggly

Wondering which are the best workouts for women that you should adopt without having to get bored? Start Dancing! Whether you do it in your class or living room, dancing isn’t just one of the best cardio workouts but it can also prevent dementia. ‘New England Journal of Medicine’ published a study which suggests regular dancing as single physical activity which gives same reduction in the risks of dementia as that of cognitive tasks like participating in the board games or playing some musical instrument.

With these workouts for women, you can be sure of keeping your body in tone and staying fit while not letting your workouts feel so hard.

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