How to Maintain Normal Blood Pressure Naturally?

There are many ways in which one can manage high blood pressure and maintain a normal blood pressure. Changing the lifestyle and using medication are amongst them.

In worst situations, medications can be prescribed by the doctors, however, lifestyle changes are often recommended as an initial remedy to fight against high blood pressure.

Changing your lifestyle can make a real difference on your health and can also decrease your dependency on medication, in case, if you’re already using them. Furthermore, different natural ways are available that can be used for getting a normal blood pressure with the passage of time.

Exercise More

People who perform aerobics for 30 minutes every day can experience a significant drop in systolic blood pressure. Exercise can also be helpful in building endurance and contributing to your healthy lifestyle.

Increase Potassium Intake

When you increase potassium intake, you can experience considerable reduction in your high blood pressure. Increased levels of potassium can reduce the influence of salt on the body.

You can use many foods with high potassium levels like bananas, baked potatoes without peeling off their skin, orange juice and yogurt.

Reducing Salt Consumption

Using high amounts of salt is amongst the many causes of high blood pressure. Anyone having high blood pressure problem should reduce the consumption of salt. Those with hypertension are recommended to consume not more than 600 mg of sodium a day.

Processed foods are known to contain excessive amount of sodium and should be avoided. Instead, one should go for whole foods.

Quit Smoking

Even though smoking does not have any direct impact on hypertension, however, it can cause one’s blood pressure to experience temporary spike. Factors like excessive consumption of alcohol and less exercise contribute towards high blood pressure as well.

Limiting consumption of alcohol and quitting smoking can be helpful in regulating normal blood pressure.

Shed Extra Pounds

You can’t just improve your self-confidence by losing weight, but it is also helpful in lowering blood pressure. Excess weight requires extra work from heart and increases blood pressure. If your blood pressure remains consistently high, it can damage your heart over time and can result in lifelong problems.

Reduce Alcohol Use

If you take more than 2 drinks every day, it will impact your blood pressure significantly in negative manner. Women are recommended to reduce it to only 1 drink in a day. If one drinks more, it can result in long-term and harmful consequences. So, you know how to maintain normal blood pressure.

Manage Stress

There can be different ways to manage stress. Some of these are more effective compared to others. A researched revealed that breathing exercises and yoga can significantly reduce blood pressure.

Stress can be reduced through meditation and it lowers down your blood pressure and improves overall health. What you can do best to deal with high blood pressure caused by stress is to find out the stress-management techniques that bring results in their case.

Group activities, writing and meditation can all be effective.

Reduce the use of Caffeinated Beverages

Using caffeine is just like smoking and can result in temporary blood pressure spikes. You can check if you are caffeine-sensitive or not by taking your blood pressure readings before and after taking some caffeinated beverage observing whether you have normal blood pressure or not.

Many drinks like tea and coffee come with decaf options and one can enjoy these beverages without posing any health risks.

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