Back Pain Treatment To Get Rid Of The Problem Effectively

When a person has an injury in facet joints, ligaments, and sacroiliac joints or misuses them, it normally results in lower back pain symptoms. Osteoarthritis, herniated disc, spondylolisthesis and spondylolysis, fractures in vertebrae, spinal deformities and spinal stenosis also cause pressure on nerve roots, ultimately leading to the back pain.

Other causes of back pain that are not so common include bacterial infection, ankylosing spondylitis, scheuermann’s disease, etc. Pain in the lower back can either be chronic or acute. If you are facing chronic back pain, it can persist for 3 months or even beyond and comes with progressive pain whose intensity can be lessened or flared up occasionally. However, the acute back pain lasts for several days to several weeks and is regarded as a short-term problem. These back problems are common, regardless of the age group to which one may belong; but are most commonly found in those who are aged between 30 to 50 years.

Back Pain Treatment and Tips for Back Pain Relief

There can be different options one can have for back pain treatment and some of them are discussed below:

When looking for back pain treatment, exercises are amongst the very first recommendations to treat the problem. Activities like strengthening exercise, aerobics and stretching contribute effectively in preventing and reducing lower back pain. Aerobics help in conditioning the heart as well as other muscles and begin quick recovery. The target of back pain exercises aimed at strengthening is often the back, leg muscles and stomach. Alternately, it can be said that they are aimed at strengthening the muscles of the lower back. The flexibility of muscles as well as the supporting tissues help in the prevention of injury as well as pain.

Exercises like leg lifts, bent leg situps, straight leg situps, and bicep curls can aggravate the condition and, therefore, should be avoided.

It is another natural method for back pain relief. As per acupuncturists from China, pain in our body is a resultant of blocked energy along energy pathways. Acupuncture needles unblock this blocked energy as they are inserted along the pathways. Signals are also sent by acupuncture for calming the nervous system and as a result there is reduction in pain.

Besides, there are some products like belts for supporting the muscles, neck supports which you can attach to your driving seat or chair, and pillows that offer comfort when you sleep. These products have been specifically designed for managing back pain. Some other products, such as foam pillows which keep your knees separate and the soft wedges which are designed for resting the knees, can be helpful in reducing stress on your back. Some special soles are also available these days that one can use in sandals and shoes for getting some help with the back pain relief. There are particular pressure points in these soles for easing the pain when one walks.

There are some who believe that they can use common painkillers like paracetamol for back pain treatment. However, a recent research has revealed that it does not help alleviate the condition and is better not to be used. But exercises, acupuncture and the aforementioned back pain aids have shown good results and can be regarded as effective back pain treatment.

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