About Us

Lanessa Extended Care’s Nursing a platform where you will come to know the truth about your food, a platform where you will get some proved solutions and remedies for various health troubles and a platform where you can calm your curiosity about various issues you comes up in your daily life.

When we talk about the lifestyle, there can be many type of things that can come to our mind. People may want to know about various issues they may feel shy to talk with someone or maybe they are unable to find someone who can help them. We will try to come up with all those issues you are searching for and try to calm your curiosity.

Everyone in this world deserves to be healthy and everyone wants to be but as the lifestyle is changing these days, people do not have time to care them self properly. At the end, they just type on Google or some other search engine for the help about their health.

That means, internet is becoming like a consoler or family doctor for the people so they can stay fit and healthy. We don’t find anything wrong in this. Technology is an invention of human beings and they should use it for their wellness. There are so many remedies for various health problems about which we don’t even know. This website will help you to know about all those remedies and cures people can try at home.

Here, we will also want to mention that all these remedies, treatments and cures are for the wellness of the readers. We will always try to provide most relevant and effective health solutions for you but we always suggest to have a consultation with a health specialist before you try any of the remedies. Half knowledge is always dangerous and especially when we talk about the heath, we should not take any type of risk. Therefore, read it and have a consultation with your specialist before trying them at home. Lanessa Extended Care’s Nursing community will not responsible for any type of health problem, side effect of any other type of issue after trying our remedies.